What are Escape Games?
Escape games, called room escape, began to conquer as digital games, then they very quickly became a physical reality around the world. In both versions players find themselves locked into a room, where they have to look for clues, hack codes in order to escape. In this game of Kalicka you can experience all the excitement at home. Teams of 2-8 members can really enjoy the game.
Invite your relatives, friends, business partners, read and follow the instructions below, and when everything is ready, click on the link at the bottom of the page and start playing!
Our game reconstructs a historical event that has actually taken place. The time travel and the trap of Prof. Cronos are of course fiction but according to history more or less authentic . At the very end of the game, you have a chance to get deeper into the topic and compare historical facts with imagination.
What do you need?
  1. A table to sit around. During the game you'll need quite lots of things and space, so it is better to choose a big table.
  2. Computer or notebook with INTERNET CONNECTION. (The game is a mixture of online and offline tasks, therefore Internet access is very important.)
  3. Print the following pdf! Where labeled, cut the pages, resp. stick the map.
  4. Few sheets of paper.
  5. Pencil
  6. Rubber
  7. Scissors
  8. Few friends to play (2-8 team members)
  9. About 2-3 hours
The Play and the Mission
The game starts by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. The phases of the story are gradually unfolded in line with performing certain tasks. Codes to be decrypted during the tasks must be entered in a text box, and by clicking on the button next to them lets the next chapter of the story to be available.
IMPORTANT! We recommend that you should not try the correct code at random and do not search for the solution by guessing. You divest yourselves of the joy of the game.
All the instructions are in the video messages of Prof. Cronos. Printed pages show you the equipment. In the texts of the website your story will come alive. On 20th-21st of February 1440 a small group, on the order of the widowed Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, had stolen the crown from Visegrád to Komárom. The police got the news few days ago that a mad scientist, who calls himself Professor Cronos, constructed a time machine and changed the stealing of the crown into a battlefield. The police chose you to go back to the adventurous night of February 1440 and help the crown thieves. It is very important that you succeed because if you change the history and the crown stays in Visegrád so much disorder arises in the space-time tissue that it may mean the end of the Universe.
Historical background
Our story takes place in Hungary, in Komárom and Visegrád and between these two locations, at night on the 20th-21st of February 1440. King Albert II. dies on 27th of October 1439. His wife, Queen Elizabeth, is expecting a baby, she is in the fifth month. The leaders of the country are diveded in to parties: the members of the royal council would like to invite the 16-year-old Vladislaus to the vacant Hungarian throne, and they want the widowed Queen Elizabeth to get married. Elisabeth and her followers do not like this scenario. What if the unborn child is a boy? In this case, he could be the legitimate ruler of the country. Queen Elizabeth decides to steal the crown from the Visegrád Castle to Komárom so if she has a baby, and it is a boy, she can crown him. She charges her maid of honour, friend and confidante Mrs. Kottanner with the task.
If everything is ready, let the game begin!